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of commercial and business bridging finance. Guaranteed no broker fees or set up costs. First class customer service. Less paperwork. A quick decision. A faster pay out.

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on home owner or residential short term secured loans. Deal with one lender or get your funding 'crowdsourced' from a gaggle of short term lenders.

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Piggybank pennies for property purchases
 Home owner 

The key to homeowner funding

UK residential finance

There are differing styles of bridging finance for home owners. 4 major types to be precise. Open and closed funding plus first and second charge. Click the 'Home owner' button above to read which may be best suited to you. 

Or, alternatively, send your request to our nominated broker by clicking the 'Apply online' button below. 

Under no obligation of accepting any loan offer, he will organise your enquiry being sent to up 50 lenders of residential bridging finance.

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Commercial bridging

Regardless of your need or reason for a  short term secured funding option, it will be classed by our lender as a commercial bridging loan if the property you want to use as security is a business premises.

Click the 'Commercial' button above to get indepth analysis on FirstStop, our business bridging loan lender.

Or just click the 'Apply online' button below to use the web form to send your request through to the regarding commercial or business bridge loans.

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 Interest rates 

Up to date bridge loan rates of interest

Low cost interest rates

Different lenders have different rates of interest on differing styles of bridging finance. For a business bridge our chosen direct lender really does offer cheap interest combined with very flexible repayments plans.

For homeowner borrowing, the broker we use gets you up to 50 quotes. Click the 'Apply online' button for either or.

Alternatively, click the 'Interest rates' button above to get an idea on current rates of interest for the different types of bridging finance available. 

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 Tee's & Cee's 

Terms and conditions of short term UK secured loans

Funding terms and conditions

The terms and condtions of bridging finance are not just about 'your property may be repossessed if you fail to keep with you interest repayments or clear the full amount in the agreed maximum duration of the loan.'

Our T&C section goes deep into the credit acceptance, repayment schedules and much much more.

Click the 'Tee's & Cee's' button above to read in depth on all things bridging or click the 'Apply online' button below to send us requirements of funding.

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Our short term funding organisation

This AdMainBridging organisation strives to bring you the best service in the short term secured funding market in the UK. Whether you contact us by telephone, use the web form or send us an email, first and foremost we will be polite and professional from start to finish.

Commercial bridging finance

0845 467 9798. Use a fast form HERE, the full form HERE email

Home owner bridge loans

0845 463 1714. Use a fast form HERE, the full form HERE email

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