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Low cost short term commercial bridging finance

Commitment to excellence. Not only on cheap rates of interest, but backed up by first class customer service and flexible repayment schedules. We are talking about FirstStopBridging. That's is the lender that is in control of all commercial bridging finance enquiries received through this website. And why?

Over 30 years experience specifically lending to business in the UK. This means an intricate knowledge of not only funding, but how and what makes businesses tick in many many sectors, from architects through to X-ray machine manufacturers.

And if you are not please with the cheapest bridging loan interest rates offered to you, then you are not obliged to accept any package proposed to you.

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Whilst there is no guarantee on acceptance, we are abel to lend and set up adverse or bad credit business loans. Credit history need not be a factor or borrowing. If you have outright ownership on a property or paid off at least 60% of the mortgage, then organising your funding is not a problem.

The best way to proceed would be to contact us to discuss your situation and needs.

When it comes to rates of interest, typically it could be as low as 0.69% per month. However, there are other factors that can determine your personal base rate.

So if you were to borrow £100,000.00 and qualified for the lowest interest, you would pay just £690.00 per month in interest charges. Clear it in three months and it has cost you roughly £2000.00 to borrow one hundred thousand with no early repayment penalty. It really is a cheap way of borrowing large amounts for business purposes.

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