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The cheapest rates of interest on home owner bridging loans

In this fast moving environment, especially with so many lenders in the residential market, pin pointing exactly who has the best rates of interest on any given day is a full time job in itself. This is why, over time, we have found out it is best no to be tied in working as a home owner bridging loan lender ourselves, or working with just one other lender. 

To get you the best offer with the lowest cost percentage interest charge, we have found that working with one of the most established brokers in the UK today the best way forward if we want you to recommend us to other people in need of a bridge, or, if indeed, you need short term funding in the future again.

THe most trustworthy we have found, who will actually work to get you the cheapest package, on just just focusing on his commission, or kick back from the lenders is Hank Zarihs. You can call Hank directly 0845 463 1714 or

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Whilst, we cannot publish any of the rates of interest available today, simply because everything is changing so often due to getting you quotes from so many lenders, it is possible for Hank to find a solution starting as low as 0.69%.

All dependent on how much you wish to borrow, recent credit history, the actual value of the property you would like to use as security and the equity you have built up in it.

Under no obligation of accepting any of the offers made to you from the vast array of lenders available from our one contact form, you will be able to see exactly who and which is going to offer you the amount you want combined with the best or cheapest interest and the most flexible terms.

So, there are three ways to make contact. Call 0845 463 1714.

Use a call back form.

Or actual online application.

We cannot guarantee that you will be accepted by all, or any of the lenders, however as long as you have ample equity built up in thwe property or land you would like to use as security, bad credit is not a problem.

You cna expect a quick response and if successful in yourt application, a fast pay out.

So if you are a home owner in need of a brdiging loan for ant purpose, be it a break in the house selling chain, to consolidate debts over a short term, or to purchase a new home, give us a call and get Hank working working for you for free.

0845 463 1714

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We look forward to helping you get quick residential bridging finance.