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Swedish German English combination translation services

Eva Billqvist is a Swedish native with over 20 years spent living and working in Germany. This is also backed up with over 15 years experience teaching English in Swedish High Schools.

Eva is certified by the Swedish Government and is one of only 26 Swedish translators to be granted an SFÖ, which is an accreditation given by the Swedish government and legally qualifies her to undertake legal translations including court documents and official governement papers. SFÖ is an acronym for the Swedish Association of professional translators.

As well as literally hundreds of books on German, English and Swedish language, Eva boasts four laptops used only for her translation services. Some of the software she uses includes:

  • SDL Trados 2007
  • SDL Trados 2009 Studio
  • Transit NXT
  • Transit XL
  • Across
  • Microsoft Office 2009

Eva is also fully proficient with OpenOffice, Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 and can also accept zip files and use online content management systems.

Specialties include:

  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Governmental
  • Any form of official documentation

Pricing and rates, as with any top quality translator vary. There are numerous factors, which include time scales, word count, line count, paragraph count, or by hour.

The fastest way to see what your translations in German/English/Swedish combination would cost would be to contact Eva directly.

Eva will endeavour to contact you back as quickly as possible.


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