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We totally respect your privacy. So for your information, we use Google Analytics to track usage of this website. Here is a breakdown of the information it stores.

It tells which page on the Internet sent you through to us. So if you found us in searching for 'bridging finance', we have that information.

It also tells us how long you actually stayed on the page, and also which pages you visited.

It also tells us the geographical location of your Internet connection. Town, City or county and country.

We do not share these details with anybody, not even Google.

And that is about all we track as far as usage.

This website also uses cookies. We may store a cookie on your computer, laptop, or mobile device. We are not monitoring you. This is help load speed of the site. In your computer's cache, it actually stores our pictures and images, so if you do comeback they will actually load quicker, making your experience all the more better.

You can switch the cookies off in your browser. Alternatively, you can delete them, again in your browser.

If you complete a contact form, either for commercial bridging loans or home owner finance, we will not share those details with anyone, except the lenders.

And that is about it. We are not in the business of storing your details, we are just here to help you find the best or cheapest bridging loan available.

So apply online to the correct department to get it sorted.

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