Quick and Easy Short Term Loans for Business and Home Owners

Terms of homeowner bridging finance

If you are about to call us, request a call back or apply online, we actively encourage you to read through the conditions of short term financing for residential purposes.

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  • Minimum loan value is £25,000.00
  • There is no upper limit on borrowing
  • A property is required as security
  • Minimum term is 30 days
  • Maximum term is 12 months
  • Security runs the risk of repossession if you start to default
  • Interest only payments are made only
  • The whole amount has to cleared at once
  • No early repayment penalties
  • Bad credit can apply
  • Non status can apply
  • You are not obliged to accept any offer made through the quote system

If you need further assistance or have questions that are not covered above, visit our home owner terms and condition dedicated page which covers everything, or feel free to call 0845 463 1714.

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Alternatively, request a callback.

We endeavour to be fast. Bridging loans quotes can be available within one hour.

We also offer pay out quick. Your short term finance can be electronically sent to you on the same day as acceptance.

Conditions of commercial bridging loans

If you are going to give us a call, or request us to call you back, or just crack on and complete the application form, there are terms of funding that you need to be aware of.

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  • Minimum loan value is £26,000.00 on commercial funding
  • Maximum single loan value is £1,000,000.00
  • Land or property needed to secure funding
  • Minimum term is 90 days
  • Maximum term is 365 days
  • Refinancing packages available
  • Property or land secured for the loan is at risk of repossession
  • By failing to keep up with interest repayments
  • Or not clearing the full amonut in the maximum term
  • Non status accepted
  • Adverse credit welcomed
  • Receiving an offer doesn't obliged you to accept it

We have tried to clarify the basics of business funding, however, sometimes not all questions are answered. Feel free to visit the commercial bridging loan full terms and conditions page or call 0845 467 9798.

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You can also request a callback.

We try our best to be cost effective. Bridging loans rates starting at 0.69%.

We aim to be the best. Bridging finance for business use is our speciality, and can be used for any purpose.